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The building incorporates an ancient tower, presumably part of the clique of the Importuni family, which had their properties in this neighborhood.

Destroyed by the Ghibellini in 1260 and rebuilt at a later stage: from this period it is still preserved a portion of wall painted with birds and fur theme. In 1515 the building was bought by the Augustinians, who settled in those years in the nearby church of Santo Stefano al Ponte and who kept on managing the property until 1783. In the 19th century became the boarding house Quisisana, popular amongst intellectuals and artists, mainly Anglo-Saxon.

In the 20th century the boarding house kept its features from the previous century almost unchanged, so much so that, in 1985, was chosen by the director James Ivory as the set for some of the scenes of the movie version of the novel by Edward Morgan Forster "A Room with a View". Currently the palace – after undergoing the necessary restoration works and a major renovation – is occupied by the Hotel degli Orafi. Externally the building overlooks the lungarno degli Archibusieri with an ample façade that spreads on five axis and five floors and continues over the arcade that stands above via dei Georgofili on two more axis and three more floors. Over what once was the main access door there is a shield with a variant of the insignia of the Fabbroni family (light blue, with a golden stripe with three black hammers, put along the direction of the fabric, and over all these things the round emblem of the Florentine people).

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