Florence lit up by spring

Florence lit up by spring

Primavera, entro le botti
già canticchia il vin fremente;

Tornan già gli augelli dotti
da le scuole d’oriente.

A le Naiadi il torrente
or sussurra odi e strambotti
che imparò là su l’algente
 Alpe in grembo a l’alte notti.
Là su gli alberi pensosa
chiedi forse, o Luna, ai venti
una strofe faticosa?
Anch’io penso uno stornello!

Rime son gli abbracciamenti,
 sono i baci il ritornello.

(G. Pascoli, Poesie varie, Zanichelli 1912)

2020 is proving to be a strange year, even from a meteorological point of view. But, despite having had a relatively mild winter, the arrival of Spring is still a moment of joy and amazement, a way of feeling alive again. Florence is reborn in the spring. The gray winters disappear, the smells are reborn and the colors become vivid and intense. The gardens flourish in an ode to life that infects anyone and the streets and alleys return laborious and loudly alive, as if to suddenly forget the hibernation period lived between Autumn and Winter. In short, Florence in Spring becomes a joy for the eyes and the heart. Coming to our city in this period is an exceptional choice that will not make you regret it.But what to visit in order not to miss even one of these sensations and emotions?
First of all one of our prides are the gardens and there are four that we would like to recommend and that we will now describe:

Boboli Gardens
Is it worth talking about? You really don’t know it? Boboli’s garden is known as the green lung of Florence, a marvelous emerald set in the Florentine Oltrarno, characterized by steep climbs and breathtaking views, flourishing with seraphic tranquility. From the Santa Maria Novella station, reaching the Parco delle Cascine is comfortable and simple, but we still take care to recommend comfortable shoes: it will be worth it!

The Rose Garden
If you want to play an excellent card for a gallant date, the Rose Garden is the perfect place for you. Near Piazzale Michelangelo, it looks like a green balcony over the historic center. You will feel as if you are touching Brunelleschi’s dome with your hands, while relaxing among the blooming flowers and the roses that will charm you with their enchanting colors.

The Iris Garden
In the same area as the aforementioned garden, the Iris Garden represents the symbol of the Florentine flora and of the typical indigenous lilies, varieties of white iris widespread in the area. Over two thousand species of iris, among the most common to those in danger of extinction, bloom in a thousand colors giving you the impression of walking in the middle of a rainbow, until you find a peaceful relaxation at the foot of the water lily pond.

The Torrigiani garden
Created as a botanical garden and redesigned, in the 19th century, as a park, the Torrigiani garden is located in the heart of the Oltrarno. In an authentic journey back in time, the bridge over the Ladone stream will guide you to the sacred grove of the small temple of Arcadia, in a place full of mysterious fragrances and intense colors. However private, the park can be visited in groups by appointment.

What if you want to visit the city instead? Our advice is to rely on the Florence Cruiser Bike Tours which arranges and offers organized bicycle tours in the city or in the surrounding area while thanks to the Tuscany Bike Tours you can cross over into the Chianti area and the Tuscan villages in general. Reaching these places from our property is easy, in fact the Lungarno, adjacent to us, is the starting point of the most famous and used cycle paths that thin out for Tuscany. So hurry up to experience the joys of Spring with us!

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