Live the Holy Easter in Florence!

17 Apr 19

Easter holidays are one of the best times to visit Florence in all its vibrant life. Sunday and the so called “Angel Monday” (lunedì dell’Angelo ) are so full of events that neither a lover of Florence nor an occasional visitor should absolutely miss! The arrival of springtime makes our hospitality even easier, with its colorful and scented Tuscan countryside nearby and also supported by the longer sunny days. What better moment therefore than this for visiting the historical center and its various monuments high and low ? Not to be miss also the historical events that take part during this time of the year. Let’s go and discover them.

Easter Sunday- Scoppio del Carro
The “Scoppio del Carro” is a traditional ceremony held on Easter morning in Piazza del Duomo at 10 am, and it dates back to the First Crusade.
The XVIII century cart, the so called “Brindellone” is pulled by white oxen adorned with flowers, from Porta al Prato to the Duomo Cathedral.
A metal wire is stretched from the cart to the high altar in the cathedral, and a mechanical dove called “la colombina” is set on the wire; meanwhile, the religious procession from the Santissimi Apostoli Church to the Baptistery starts. At 11:00 the cardinal of Florence lights a fuse in the “colombina” with the Easter fire. It then speeds through the church to ignite the cart outside and setting off a thrilling pyrotechnic display.
If the complex ritual proceeds smoothly and all of the fireworks go off, good luck is ensured.

The main museums of Florence are open during the Easter holidays, therefore no better time to visit them. We would like to suggest you the following:

Palazzo Vecchio and Torre di Arnolfo – the museum is open Sunday to Monday from 9am till 11pm ; the tower from 9 am till 9 pm 8except rainy days)
Novecento Museum – open on Easter day and Easter Monday from 11 am to 8 pm.
Santa Maria Novella Church complex – open on Easter day from 1 pm till 530 pm and Easter Monday from 9am till 7pm
Bigallo Mueum – (for reservation tel.  055 288496) open on Easter day and Easter Monday with free guided visits from 10 am till 12 am (for reservation tel.  055 288496)

Accademia Gallery – open on Easter day and Monday Easter from 815 am till 650 pm.

Palazzo Strozzi – open everyday from 10am till 8pm.

Uffizi gallery, Pitti Palace and Boboli Garden – open on Easter day.

Uffizi Gallery– On Monday Easter  open from  8.15am  till 650 pm.

Boboli Garden– open on easter Monday from 8.15am  till 630 pm. Last entry one hour before.

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