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Giornata FAI 2014
Giornata FAI 2014
Giornata FAI 2014
Giornata FAI 2014 in Florence: 22 and 23 March museums and art venues open

Saturday 22 and Sunday, March 23, 2014 return the FAI Spring Days. Event of the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI), this year at its 22nd edition, will acquaint 750 locations throughout Italy, many of which are generally closed to the public: parks, monuments, churches, palaces, villas, gardens.

In Florence, for the event, will be accessible Palazzo Venturi-Ginori, the Rector's Palace, with the annexed lecture hall, the hall of the Academic Senate and the Council, which are part of the headquarters of the University placed in a historic building. Then also: the Palazzo dell'Arte of Butchers, which is part of the Academy of Arts and Design, and Scandicci Castle dell'Acciaiolo of typical medieval structure dating back to the mid-1300s.
Dates of this event 22/03/2014 - 23/03/2014