Hotel degli Orafi - Lungarno Archibusieri, 4 - 50121 Florencia (Italia)
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  1. The HOTEL informs that all the tariffs, no specifically required, are given in Euros and do not include any additional cost.
  2. The HOTEL will send to the customer the confirmation of the booking agreement and respective prices, in order to execute the on-line booking contract. The confirmation will be sent via the booking system by automatic e-mail, manual e-mail or by fax. It will also give the indications about the day of arrival at the HOTEL and the day of departure from the HOTEL.
  3. The booking confirmation will guarantee the availability of the room even in case of delay at the arrival.
  4. All the details concerning goods or services, the respective price and the additional costs have to be found on the single pages describing the offers taken into consideration by the customer.
  5. The customer has to provide his/her credit card number only as a guarantee of the booking successful outcome, except for the debit of special offers booking, which follow different terms.
  6. The times shown on this site and on the booking refer to the Italian summer time.
  7. By using this web-site and the software that are contained, the customer confirms the present agreement and recognizes legal validity, even in case of controversy, to the log file of this site operating system.
  8. For any controversy the customer must address the Foro di Roma.


  1. As soon as the customer makes his/her own reservation, the Hotel will book the required services on the required dates (the e-mail or fax sent by the Hotel certify it).
  2. The customer will be allow to cancel his/her reservation at least 3 days prior to the arrival date at the Hotel without any charge, unless the customer cancels a reservation which does not provide any refund. In this case the whole amount will be charged.
  3. If the booking is cancelled between 3 and 0 days prior to the arrival date, the customer will be charged for the amount of the first day stay.
  4. If the guest does not show on day of arrival without having advised the Hotel, he/she must pay for the whole amount (100%) provided for the length of stay.
  5. The costs, expenses, and charges that the Hotel incur as a result of the customer's cancellation will be directly charged on the credit card using the notice given during the booking. Every booking cancellation has to be done via: According to the articles 1341 and 1342 of Italian Civil Code, by using the web-site and the software system that is contained, the customer approves the clauses listed in points 8, 9, 12 and 13.